In the walking street and in the park


1. Chengdu 12.04.10

2. Chengdu 13.04.10

3. Chengdu 14.04.10

4. Chengdu - Maoxian 15.04.10

5. Maoxian 16.04.10

6. Maoxian 17.04.10

7. Maoxian-Chengdu 18.04.10

8. Chengdu 19.04.10

9. Chengdu 20.04.10

10.Chengdu 21.04.10

11.Chengdu - Kunming 22.04.10

12.Kunming 23.04.10

13.Kunming 24.04.10

14.Kunming (Shilin) 25.04.10

15.Kunming 26.04.10

16.Kunming - Dali 27.04.10

17. Dali 28.04.10

18. Dali-Lijiang 29.04.10

19. Lijiang 30.04.10

20. Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge 01.05.10

21. Tiger Leaping Gorge - Lijiang 02.05.10

22. Lijiang-Kunming 03.05.10

23. Kunming 04.05.10

24. Kunming (West Lake Mountain) 05.05.10

25. Kunming 06.05.10

26. Chengdu 07.05.10

27. Chengdu (Airport) 08.05.10

28. Chengdu (Dujiangyan) 09.05.10

29. Chengdu (Cykelværktøj) 10.05.10

30. Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou 11.05.10

31. Jiuzhaigou 12.05.10

32. Jiuzhaigou-Songpan 13.05.10

33. Songpan-Maoxian 14.05.10

34. Maoxian 15.05.10

35. Maoxian 16.05.10

36. Maoxian (Rådhuset) 17.05.10

37. Maoxian - Chengdu 18.05.10

38. Chengdu 19.05.10

39. Chengdu-Guangyuan 20.05.10

40. Guanggyuan-Xi'an 21.05.10

41. Xi'an 22.05.10

42. Xi'an (Moskeen) 23.05.10

43. Xi'an 24.05.10

44. Xi'an - Chongqing 25.05.10

45. Chongqing 26.05.10

46. Chongqing 27.05.10

47. Chongqing-Chengdu 28.05.10

48. Chengdu-Shifang 29.05.10

49. Shifang-Anchang 30.05.10

50. Anchang-Deyang 31.05.10

51. Deyang-Chengdu 01.06.10

52. Chengdu 02.06.10

53. Chengdu - CPH 03.06.10



Letter 10


Wednesday 21.04.10
Today I was biking all afternoon. I think I left at 13 o'clock. First I went to a shopping and walking street area where I hadn't been before. Went through it in all directions. There was a huge underground area witth tiny shops in "streets". I look at a small pair of binoculars in stead of that I lost with all the rest of my equipment in Maoxian. 8 x 2,5 is 289 RMB. Another one 12 x 2,5 something like it. It's too much I think. The old one which was bought in Aldi was only 99,- I think.
And that was sufficient. It's not that cheap here. I practise taking "discrete" pictures. I don't like to put my camera up the nose to people - and they don't look natural then. So when I want to take a picture of somebody walking in my direction I get the camera ready. Sometimes I can zoom by looking down at the screen from a steep angle. Then I'm ready. Now I look around in all other directions and when I find they're at the right distance, I press the button, while I look away. I don't succeed everytime but after some practise I'll surely improve.
At some time I go and get my bike at the parking guard, it's only 3 jiao. I don't know which expenses he has, but 1000 bikes a day, which seems realistic, gives 300 RMB a day. When a street cleaner gets 600 a month it's not bad. But there must be more to it. They don't look like they earn THAT much.

Illegal vehicle in the walking street   Recycling


Afterwards I go to a park with a lot of different kinds of bamboo. And a great number of tea houses, where men and women, most elderly, sit and play and drink tea.
Somebody is practising these spinning tops that you get turning with two sticks tied together with a line. Some of them make sounds when they move fast.
Others are practising tai chi, or what ever it is. They're led by a voice from a taperecorder.
I need to pee. Later I find out there are several toilets, but just then I choose the one closest to the tea houses. There's a que - even to the mens urinal.
I want to go passed something called Tibetan Religious Art Street in the map, and roll ahead. Unfortunately I confuse the first and the second ringroad. I think I'm on the first. But I am on the second. So I get lost and end up going across the city all the way to the river. It's on purpose I go there, because even it's a detour, I can go fast on the left side of the river.
But it's 18.30 when I reach back. It's hard to ride in the rrush hour here I have to say. I'm quite exhausted. Have acup of tea and some cookies that taste of - onion?
Afterwards it's time to eat. It's time for my favourite once more: "Gong Bao Ji Ding". This time I takee it "no spicy". Last time they'd only halfed the amount of insanely hot chilies. I'm going to have an early night.


Tableau from a  tea house   Tai Chi in the park