An unsuccesfull bicycle trip


1. Chengdu 12.04.10

2. Chengdu 13.04.10

3. Chengdu 14.04.10

4. Chengdu - Maoxian 15.04.10

5. Maoxian 16.04.10

6. Maoxian 17.04.10

7. Maoxian-Chengdu 18.04.10

8. Chengdu 19.04.10

9. Chengdu 20.04.10

10.Chengdu 21.04.10

11.Chengdu - Kunming 22.04.10

12.Kunming 23.04.10

13.Kunming 24.04.10

14.Kunming (Shilin) 25.04.10

15.Kunming 26.04.10

16.Kunming - Dali 27.04.10

17. Dali 28.04.10

18. Dali-Lijiang 29.04.10

19. Lijiang 30.04.10

20. Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge 01.05.10

21. Tiger Leaping Gorge - Lijiang 02.05.10

22. Lijiang-Kunming 03.05.10

23. Kunming 04.05.10

24. Kunming (West Lake Mountain) 05.05.10

25. Kunming 06.05.10

26. Chengdu 07.05.10

27. Chengdu (Airport) 08.05.10

28. Chengdu (Dujiangyan) 09.05.10

29. Chengdu (Cykelværktøj) 10.05.10

30. Chengdu - Jiuzhaigou 11.05.10

31. Jiuzhaigou 12.05.10

32. Jiuzhaigou-Songpan 13.05.10

33. Songpan-Maoxian 14.05.10

34. Maoxian 15.05.10

35. Maoxian 16.05.10

36. Maoxian (Rådhuset) 17.05.10

37. Maoxian - Chengdu 18.05.10

38. Chengdu 19.05.10

39. Chengdu-Guangyuan 20.05.10

40. Guanggyuan-Xi'an 21.05.10

41. Xi'an 22.05.10

42. Xi'an (Moskeen) 23.05.10

43. Xi'an 24.05.10

44. Xi'an - Chongqing 25.05.10

45. Chongqing 26.05.10

46. Chongqing 27.05.10

47. Chongqing-Chengdu 28.05.10

48. Chengdu-Shifang 29.05.10

49. Shifang-Anchang 30.05.10

50. Anchang-Deyang 31.05.10

51. Deyang-Chengdu 01.06.10

52. Chengdu 02.06.10

53. Chengdu - CPH 03.06.10



Letter 28


Sunday 09.05.10
I'm up a little past 7 and on my way to Dujiangyan 8.45. The wheather is not sp good, it has been raining part of the night and the forecast says: rain. But often it has been raining during the night and been much better in the daytime.
There's a light rain when I start off. These thin chinese trousers I'm wearing dry up faster than they get wet, as long as I'm moving.
I reach out of town even out of my new map. The last part there's mud on the surface becausse of the construction of the new railway to Dujiangyan. I saw it when I was going to Maoxian first time. In MIx Hostel the one I asked didn't know about it. There were no train for Dujiangyan.
When it start raining more heavily I seek shelter the first possible place where I'm covered. My trousers are drenched. It's the gate to a university it seems. A student ask me where I'm from and I learn that the new train will go 200 km/h from Chengdu to Dujiangyan. The construction is a result of the earthquake. They want a faster connection to the town.
Unfortunately he has to leave for a lecture, but I go on a little later. Then starts a detour but I soon learn the three important characters for Du - jiang - yan.
When I'm not sure if I'm still on the right track and it still rains I give up and start going back. I find shelter at a plastic factory and eat a bit, it's now 11.15.

A station at the new railway to Dujiangyan   Are the boxes empty?


I get back to the university when it starts raining heavily again, so I seek shelter there once more. There's a fine marble counter for my computer, so this is written there.
In the end I don't want to wait anymore, so I just go. It's raining a lot, but it gets even worse. My trousers are drenched when I seek under the new railway. The wind blows so heavily that not even there it's dry. I stay there for long. 12 km in hard rain is no fun, but I start my journey back and after some time the rain easies and my trousers are partly dry when I reach back.
Later in the day when the rain has stopped I go to the new Mix Hostel, "Lazy Bones", foolish name, what kind of freaks are going to stay there?
I ask for Markus and Bernie to know if they went on to Xi'an. They didn't and we take a walk together to the statue of Mao and The Peoples Park.
We're mistaken when we leave the park and get on a longer walk through the city. In the end we find our way back and eat at Lazy Bones, where we part for the last time. They're going to Leshan tomorrow to see The Giant Buddha and almost directly from there with the train to Xi'an, but we agree to meet in Europe some day.