Miraculous chinese wet tissues


1. Beijing 02.04.08

2. Beijing 03.04.08

3. Beijing 04.04.08

4. Beijing 05.04.08

MAP 1 Beijing-Yingxian

5. Beijing-LouCun 06.04.08

6. Lou Cun-YudouCun 07.04.08

7. YudouCun-Laiyuan 08.04.08

8. Laiyuan-Wangzhuang 09.04.08

9. Wangzhuang-Hunyuan 10.04.08

MAP 2 Yingxian-Taiyuan

10. Hunyuan-Dai Xian 11.04.08

11. Dai Xian-Xinzhou 12.04.08

12. Xinzhou-Taiyuan 13.04.08

MAP 3 Taiyuan-Linfen

13. Taiyuan-Pingyao 14.04.08

14. Pingyao 15.04.08

15. PingyaoHuozhou 16.04.08

16. Houzhou-Xiangfen 17.04.08

17. Xiangfen-Hejin 18.04.08

MAP 4 Linfen-Weinan

18. Hejin-Heyang 19.04.08

19. Heyang-Dali 20.04.08 Heyang-Dali

20. Dali-Xi'an 21.04.08

21. Xi'an 22.04.08

22. Xi'an 23.04.08

23. Xi'an 24.04.08

24. Xi'an 25.04.08

MAP 5 Weinan-Hanzhong

25. Xi'an-Mazhao 26.04.08

26. Mazhao-Yangxian 27.04.08

27. Yangxian-Mian Xian 28.04.08

28. Mian Xian-Ningqiang 29.04.08

29. Ningqiang-Guangyuan 30.04.08

MAP 6 Hanzhong-Mianyang

30. Guangyuan-Jianmen Pass 01.05.08

31. Jianmen Pass-Zitong 02.05.08

32. Zitong-Loujiang 03.05.08

33. Luojiang-Chengdu 04.05.08

34. Chengdu 05.05.08

35. Chengdu 06.05.08

36. Chengdu 07.05.08

37. Chengdu 08.05.08

38. Chengdu 09.05.08

MAP 7 Mianyang-Maoxian

39. Chengdu-Dujiangyan 10.05.08

40. Dujiangyan-Miansi 11.05.08

41. Miansi-Maoxian 12.05.08

42. Maoxian 13.05.08

43. Maoxian 14.05.08

44. Maoxian 15.05.08

45. Maoxian 16.05.08

46. Maoxian 17.05.08

47. Maoxian 18.05.08

48. Maoxian-Chengdu 19.05.08

49. Chengdu-Chongqing 20.05.08

50. Chongqing-Wanzhou 21.05.08

51. Yangtze River 22.05.08

52. Yangtze River-Wuhan 23.05.08

53. Wuhan 24.05.08

54. Beijing 25.05.08

55. Beijing 26.05.08

56. Beijing 27.05.08

57. Beijing 28.05.08

58. Beijing 29.05.08

59. Beijing 30.05.08


English Version 27

Monday 28.04.08

Iím a bit excited about how this day will bring me all the way through the mountains and down to a big valley/plain. According to the map Iíll have to go to another valley first, so thereíll probably be some climbing.
Foping is at 500 m.
10 km down along the river something happens. It hasnít felt THAT steep but suddenly I see the river lying there deep below and behind me. Up and down I transver the mountains, which are not so high here.
At a gearshift the chain suddenly goes past the smallest cogwheel and gets stuck. I try to get it loose for at least 20 min with any result. It gets loose in one side or the other but never at both. The chain divider is lying at the bottom of a rear pannier and what do my hands look like? After the help of first one screwdriver then two I suddenly succeed without them. A sigh of relief, but do I have to go on with these hands?
I suddenly remember two Chinese wet tissues I brought with me from a hotel for you never know. And where are they now? Yes Ė in one of my leg pockets. Carefully I unlock the pocket!
This one wet tissue does a small miracle. I wonder what theyíre filled with?
When I have fought the road up to 985 m thereís a tunnel. Itís more than 2 km. It goes straight and I can see the light in the other end, but 2 km is still a long way. With 12 km/h it takes 5 min. Can I go that far without anyone coming from behind? Ė I have to be lucky then. You can just faintly see a dot of light in the other end.
I put my headlight on just in case. Thatís useful it shows, because the light is so and so. Itís on when itís not off, and thatís the case for more parts of 2-300 m. I wait until some trucks have passed. NOW it is. It must be this one the Americans talked about I would have to go up through, but itís not at all steep. After some time there is a space to the right. I go onÖ  A truck is on its way from behind, there must be other space coming up? At last, this time to the left. I go there and wait for it to pass. Go onÖ
When Iím through the sweat is dripping from my nose Ė I hate tunnel!
1055 m and a fantastic descent follows. The road is excellent and I have a feeling of Vaucluse in France in the summer, just a bit colder and with more green surroundings.

Yet another tunnel For some time I followed the highway


The rape has long ceased flowering here and the barley is soon ripe. The potato plants are already big. In the new valley the road constantly climbs and descents. But neither here do I just have to follow the river. Again and again over new heights. At last I encounter with the highway, as promised by the map. I pass under its long legs across the valley. Go high above it some time later. Again under it and like this it goes on. Another long day. It has got frying hot. The distances on the map are not precise here. I end up at 95, which should have been 75.
97.66 km
16.15 km/t
6:02:45 tim
42.8 km/t