Last day in Vienna...


  1. K°benhavn-Alpirsbach

  2. Alpirsbach

  3. Alpirsbach

  4. Alpirsbach-Tuttlingen

  5. Tuttlingen-Lindau

  6. Lindau-Feldkirch(A)

  7. Feldkirch-Landeck

  8. Landeck-Innsbruck

  9. Innsbruck-Zell am Ziller

  10. Zell am Ziller-Zell am See

  11. Zell am See 

  12. Zell am See-Pffarwerfen 

  13. Pffarwerfen-Tuttmoning

  14. Tuttmoning-Passau

  15. Passau-Linz

  16. Linz-Melk

  17. Melk-Wien

  18. Wien

  19. Wien

  20. Wien

  21. Wien

  22. Wien-K°benhavn




Letter 21


Wednesday 10.08.11
I'm sitting in the garden of Sch÷nbrunn and it's the last day, and I have since long tuned my body in to move on. I also feel a bit exhausted. It's hard work to cycle, eat, cook, talk, write, e-mail and be visiting, no matter how easy my hosts have made it. Now I'm going home to work! With this and that.

I passed through a "Kleingarten" area. Allotment garden should be the english word according to the dictionary. But opposite Denmark the houses here look more all-year-round.

"The main road" through the "Kleingarten" And a glance down to one side

One doesn't feel closer to the former Eastern Europe, but one see in on the cars: hungarian. romanian, czech, slovakian, bulgarian, polish, serbian.... Just one single french and one german one on my way to here. Here in the outskirts they are probably guest workers cars.


Sch÷nbrunn - the castle is behind me Burgenland number plate - MA is Mattersburg

An austrian grandfather and his grandchild get up from the bench and he apologize, if their talking has disturbed my writing...? No, no, not at all.

Ready to leave... goodbye


I say goodbye to Markus, Berni and Maximillian.... We'll meet again.... Goddbye Vienna.