Meeting a german australian in Feldkirch


  1. København-Alpirsbach

  2. Alpirsbach

  3. Alpirsbach

  4. Alpirsbach-Tuttlingen

  5. Tuttlingen-Lindau

  6. Lindau-Feldkirch(A)

  7. Feldkirch-Landeck

  8. Landeck-Innsbruck

  9. Innsbruck-Zell am Ziller

  10. Zell am Ziller-Zell am See

  11. Zell am See 

  12. Zell am See-Pffarwerfen 

  13. Pffarwerfen-Tuttmoning

  14. Tuttmoning-Passau

  15. Passau-Linz

  16. Linz-Melk

  17. Melk-Wien

  18. Wien

  19. Wien

  20. Wien

  21. Wien

  22. Wien-København




Letter 6

Tuesday 26.07.11
At 6 o'clock precisely the dustmen arrive. That's at least how it sounds. It's grown light. It's time to get up.
After an hour I'm ready to eat breakfast and half an hour later to pack and now at 8 all bags are ready inside the tent, but the sun hasn't reached it yet. The old man isn't so fast today. The cheese (Chaumes) has been packed in a tightly closed plasticbag!
When I stepped out and took a look at the extra wire it was fine and tight like yesterday???
So someone did do something. A fox probably? Here at all the rubbish. It was a bit clumsy. Can't foxes see in the dark?

I wait until 9 for the sun to reach the tent. But it'll take too long I decide when it finally happens, so it's still wet. Maybe I can put it up during the day?

Second camp behind the rubbish View towards Austria

I go back to the railway station to wash. The usual 50 cents. It's big and impersonal. There should be an i-net café nearby according to the woman in the restaurant yesterday. I don't see it, but find it after an inquiery to the tourist information. For 5€ one can have drinks of your own choice and free Wi-Fi. But the prices are higher than normal. I have a large cappucino and a mineral water with gas. Can have nothing for the left €. I can't mail it all, as the lastest is only by hand until now. Hopefully I can charge the computer and put the handwriting to digital in the Jugendherberge in Feldkirch.

I'm in Austria! No check on the austrian side but the building is still there. I've bought a suitable map which will do all the way to Innsbruck, so now I'll change. Again!
The sun, that started through a thin layer of clouds, have now broken through. Scattered clouds. The mountains look alarming.
I ask a man with a dog, that looks local - the man too - how I best get to Feldkirch? He has a lot to say about that. And shows which way he finds the prettiest. I'll take that.

Views in... ...Austria


The town never seems to stop, villages replace each other. I've felt like peeing ever since I arrived in Austria... At last there's a spot at some trees by the railway, which seems a little discreet. The only thing that misses is that the train comes by....

When I reach the "green road" in the end, I've forgotten all about it. I wonder why I cross over the autobahn and see my mistake. But it doesn't matter. I'm tired. I just want to get to Feldkirch - as sooner the better.
I pass by a "bierstube" and buy a cup of coffee. That's not much for 2€! I've come to Austria? A man at one table talks to me. Bitte? He repeats but it doesn't help. I understand NOTHING. I can guess it has to do with my enormous packing, but the words...
According to the map there should be 12 km left... They're playing Dr. Hook with violins and all: "Love you a little bit more" in the loadspeakers. That's not what I fell about Austria just now.

I speed up, almost too much, I pass the sign, but do see it: Jugendherberge. Already. Here at the right (from my view) side of Feldkirch. An enchanting old house at the other side of the street...

They've only got room in dormitory, but that's what I intended. 18€ incl. breakfast, exactly like I saw it in internet, and it's even cheaper than normal prizes in Germany.
It's a 10-bed dormitory. Like in old days. An elderly man is lying on his back as the only one. I suppose he's asleep. Then he opens his mouth and we talk for something like 6 hours. He's also by bike and has come across Arlberg from the other side today. I'm pleased - then it'll be possible for me too, probably. He's australian - but born in Germany in '38, so he remembers when the allied forces arrived. He immigrated by the age of 18. We talk aboyt war, extermination camps, politics, bicycle trips and EVERYTHING else. We connect well. I don't think I ever spoke to a long distance biker "our" age before. It's a great experience.

The Jugendherberg in Feldkirch Hans with built in mirror in his helmet

Now it's 23 - goodnight

52.24 km
15.4 km/h
31.5 km/h
3:23.01 h