In town with Angela - and on the mountain with her mother


  1. København-Alpirsbach

  2. Alpirsbach

  3. Alpirsbach

  4. Alpirsbach-Tuttlingen

  5. Tuttlingen-Lindau

  6. Lindau-Feldkirch(A)

  7. Feldkirch-Landeck

  8. Landeck-Innsbruck

  9. Innsbruck-Zell am Ziller

  10. Zell am Ziller-Zell am See

  11. Zell am See 

  12. Zell am See-Pffarwerfen 

  13. Pffarwerfen-Tuttmoning

  14. Tuttmoning-Passau

  15. Passau-Linz

  16. Linz-Melk

  17. Melk-Wien

  18. Wien

  19. Wien

  20. Wien

  21. Wien

  22. Wien-København




Letter 3

Saturday 23.07.11

I catch up on writing my diary, news, Tour de France a.s.o. during the morning.
Later Angela shows me around town. She also have some erinds. Alpirsbach shows its prettiest face under a sunny sky. It's a very cosy town, and looks very much like I imagined from Google Earth. It's hard to get an impression of the heights, when you just see it all from above. The valley is a bit more narrow than I'd expected. The most spectacular is no doubt the visit to the cinema. Angela's a substitute as technician, ticket seller, sweet seller a.s.o. in a small cinema which is established in part of the abbey, which is obviously the pride of the town, due to this she has a key. There are around 60 seats. The prize is 6€. That's cheap.

The cinema in the Abbey... ...And the Abbey itself

We meet Johannes on our way back. He's busy making everything ready for the workmen, who are supposed to come and work on the house while he and Angela is gone. They're going on vacation tomorrow night. It's actually some coincidence that we managed to meet. It was just because I only could get a ticket for the bicycle this wednesday. My plan was to leave next monday.
Her mother is quite occupied. It's the home of her childhood and she's inherited not only the house, but also different tasks following: the production of applejuice, which partly is made into normal juice, partly is fermented into a 6% "Most". The container from which she taps when the customers arrive, is 800 l, so it's quite some volume. Besides she/they are making hay from the various meadows. Hay which is stacked in bales up the attic in the barn and later packed in smaller volumes for rabbits and horses. It's COMPLETELY full for the moment. And then there's the woods. She has woods on both sides of the valley. It also supply the house with heating. She can't do all this by her own, so the father and Angela and her brother helps her. So it is even more than a full time job.
In the afternoon I do a bike tour to the other side of the valley compared to yesterday. It's REALLY steep. Arlberg Pass will be nothing against this. It takes about three quaters of an hour of hard work to reach a village called Schömberg that should be the most beautiful in all of the "Bundesland". It's very dissapointing. I don't see anything special by it, but the down hill, which takes almost 14 km through something called Rheinerstal is pretty. A steep climb followed by a gentle and slow down hill: Perfect! This is how I imagine my two pass crossings to be in Austria. Only there I have to go down hill for 100 km!

On my way up to Schramberg Rheinerstal

I have done my laundry and later I put up the tent. The longest stick has to be in the middle it shows - must remember. Besides from this it's a piece of cake. Her mother is dying to show me, what she finds to be the prettiest view in Alpirsbach - or rather: in the whole world. And she has to deliver a cake she's made for someone who's going to celebrate a christening tomorrow, so I go with her. Normally we would have walked up the mountain just behind but there's no time for that so we go by car. High up there she owns both wood and meadows and at the meadow there's a small house her grandfather built. It's been renovated since then surely. And from one end of the meadow there's a view over a part of Alpirsbach. I can see the beauty. She's entertaining about the woods. Which trees that are finished and have to be cut. About attacks from beetles and dears. Which different types of spruces there are. "Fichte" is the "red" spuce I know now. Luckily there's been an attack from beetles in the wood back home in
Birkerød and they are going to plant Douglas spruces in stead in a large area around a lake, so I'm not totally ignorant in this field.

The house in Hinterer Weg... ...and the old and the new barn


She talks and talks. It comes from the depths of her heart. But we do get down again where Angela and Johannes is preparing the dinner. Just bread and so. In the end her father arrives, "der Walter". They have three houses in all. One in Willingen that's rented, but they have some rooms in the basement. The one they live in in Donaueschingen and finally this, where Hanna, the mother, is quite often. So they've got work to do. Der Walter is head of an agricultural school, but seems to have a parttime job with the rest.
We end up sharing a bottle of Spätburgunder, a german redwine, I know from ealier. My german friend Burghard brought me a bottle when he visited me on Bornholm.
It's good. Not so tasty as many french wines. More like danish? I don't have many experiences but it's comparable to the one from Lille Gadegård on Bornholm.
Tomorrow I'll be moving on. It'll be nice with a little loneliness. It's tirering to be a guest for so long.

35,32 km
14.1 km/h
48.0 km/h
2:29:18 h