In "Tsunami land"


1. CPH 12.08.13

2. Narita - Tone 13.08.13

3. Tone 14.08.13

4. Tone 15.08.13

5. Tone - Oarai 16.08.13

6. Oarai - Tomakomai 17.08.13

7. Tomakomai - Iwamizawa 18.08.13

8. Iwamizawa - Azahikawa 19.08.13

9. Azahikawa - Kamikawa 20.08.13

10.Kamikawa - Nukabira Onsen 21.08.13

11.Nukabira Onsen - Tokachigawa 22.08.13

12.Tokachigawa - Kushiro 23.08.13

13.Kushiro - Shibesha 24.08.13

14.Shibesha - Lake Kussharo 25.08.13

15.Lake Kussharo - Lake Akan 26.08.13

16.Lake Akan - Abashiri 27.08.13

17.Abashiri 28.08.13

18.Abashiri - Sapporo (tog) 29.08.13

19.Sapporo - Otaru 30.08.13

20.Otaru - Kamoenai 31.08.13

21.Kamoenai - Makkari 01.09.13

22.Makkari - Yakumo 02.09.13

23.Yakumo - Hakodate 03.09.13

24.Hakodate - Aomori 04.09.13

25.Aomori - Lake Towada 05.09.13

26.Lake Towada - Lake Tazawa 06.09.13

27.Lake Tazawa - Hanamaki 07.09.13

28.Hanamaki - Tsukidate 08.09.13

29.Tsukidate - Sendai 09.09.13

30.Sendai - Tone 10.09.13

31.Tone 11.09.13

32.Tone 12.09.13

33.Tone - Kurihama 13.09.13

34.Kurihama - Hakone 14.09.13

35.Hakone - Gotemba 15.09.13

36.Gotemba 16.09.13

37.Gotemba - Fujinomiya 17.09.13

38.Fujinomiya - Shizuoka (Kyoto) 18.09.13

39.Kyoto 19.09.13

40.Kyoto 20.09.13

41.Kyoto 21.09.13

42.Kyoto - Nara 22.09.13

43.Nara - Wakayama 23.09.13

44.Wakayama - Higashikagawa 24.09.13

45.Higashikagawa - Takamatsu 25.09.13

46.Takamatsu - Iya Valley 26.09.13

47.Iya Valley 27.09.13

48.Iya Valley - Imabari 28.09.13

49.Imabari - Onomichi 29.09.13

50.Onomichi - Hiroshima 30.09.13

51.Hiroshima 01.10.13

52.Hiroshima - Takayama (tog) 02.10.13

53.Takayama 03.10.13

54.Takayama - Matsumoto 04.10.13

55.Matsumoto - Hakuba 05.10.13

56.Hakuba - Nagano 06.10.13

57.Nagano - Tone 07.10.13

58.Tone 08.10.13

59.Tone - Narita 09.10.13

60. Narita - CPH 10.10.13


Letter 12


Friday 23.08.13    123.48 km


It's 7.15am and I'm ready to leave. An older japanese with a few english words took my garbage. I don't get it why they don't have a simpel dustbin such a place. But generally there are none. You often find containers for bottles of different kinds and cans and tins, but "combustible" I've only seen once. As a result you find neatly tied plastikbags along the main roads. I've not
sunken that deep yet.

When I suggest rain in the afternoon, the japanese denies it. "My television", han he points at his ears, "this morning". Thank you, that sounds good.

Road 73 inclines. The low mountains that were seen yesterday we have to climb the outer one. But that doesn't matter. It makes it less boring and hadn't it been because of the woods and the damp mist that covers everything today, there had been a great view.. Now it goes down again but unfortunately the cycle lane turns bad and I have to use the brakes.

I arrive at a railway crossing in a town, and that give me the opportunity to describe japanese traffic. They have traffic lights everywhere. Also at the main roads out in the country, and you stop for red EVERYTIME. If someone comes or not. The japanese are law abiding people. Overtake IS possible but I see it rarely. Here at the crossing people awaits the train of course, but AFTER is it gone each cars drives up to the rails and stop, before it passes. And the next car. And the next.
The japanese are wearing both belt and belts (translation of a danish expression maybe you have something similar?)

I get to a l-o-o-o-ng hill. It ends up at a plateau for just after to go down again - and up - and down ... And it seems to go on like this. It's definitely not boring but exhausting. It's steeper than the pass. I pant even in a low gear.


Where road 73 join road 38 I'm stopped by a policeman who has just ended a check of a truck. He says something I don't hear, but I can hear it's a question. But after having excused not speaking japanese, I say: Kushiro, and points. Ahh... Kushiro. American? No, Denmark. Ahh... Denmark. I am a japanese policeman, as if it wasn't obvious, he's wearing the whole uniform including a helmet, but maybe more to demonstrate his english abilities. Yes, I can see that. Passport? I think it's more of curiosity to see a danish passport, but he do find the page where it says I'm allowed to stay in Japan until sometime in november - which I won't.

             I am a japanese policeman!

It's 11am and it's time to cross the low mountains and my map of Tokachi County shows, that the railway goes through a tunnel. The road just winds past? Not surprisingly comes first one then another and in the end a third tunnel. They're quite narrow, so I wait each time until a bunch of cars have passed.

Have arrived in the flat countryside,but it is as if the mountain stretches it's fingers out towards the sea. We have to climb each of them. The cold mist comes rolling from the sea and signs warn of tsunamis. Heights are being stated: 6,8 m, 11,3 m aso. Once on a bridge I can see the sea. In a town I stop and eat a japanese softice. It's nice and cold. It's not going to be the last....

    The japanese try to be prapared - for me a bit scaring

It's 6.10pm according to the alarmclock on my desk. What I dared not to believe in the morning have come true. 123.48 km covered. I'm exhausted but also very happy with myself. I urge for a shower and this is a european style hotel, on my floor at least, and that makes things easier. You don't get slippers down at the reception, so IF you want them you'll have to wait till you get to your room. I stay in the 6th floor with a view to the crossing in front of the railway station. But now I going for a shower. More will follow....


When I reached Shiranoka around 3.15pm and had 30 km more to go, I decided to do it. Go all the way to Kushiro. The thought of putting up my tent here in the tsunami-area didn't appeal to me. It was also cold and damp. The rest of the way was pure count down. First 5 km, then 10 (only 20 left). Then half the way. There were expressway-like parts without much shoulder. At last the sign: Kushiro Sta. Because of the size of the city I counted with an english speaking tourist info, that would close
at 6pm. I was lead by the signs for Kushiro Sta. Drove probably 3-4 km extra. But it was nice and easy just to follow.

When I got there the info had closed, it didn't even say when it would be open, but travel info was open. Asked for a cheap hotel. She ended up recommending Super Hotel, that was next to the station.

And here I am