On my way to Narita and the airport


1. CPH 12.08.13

2. Narita - Tone 13.08.13

3. Tone 14.08.13

4. Tone 15.08.13

5. Tone - Oarai 16.08.13

6. Oarai - Tomakomai 17.08.13

7. Tomakomai - Iwamizawa 18.08.13

8. Iwamizawa - Azahikawa 19.08.13

9. Azahikawa - Kamikawa 20.08.13

10.Kamikawa - Nukabira Onsen 21.08.13

11.Nukabira Onsen - Tokachigawa 22.08.13

12.Tokachigawa - Kushiro 23.08.13

13.Kushiro - Shibesha 24.08.13

14.Shibesha - Lake Kussharo 25.08.13

15.Lake Kussharo - Lake Akan 26.08.13

16.Lake Akan - Abashiri 27.08.13

17.Abashiri 28.08.13

18.Abashiri - Sapporo (tog) 29.08.13

19.Sapporo - Otaru 30.08.13

20.Otaru - Kamoenai 31.08.13

21.Kamoenai - Makkari 01.09.13

22.Makkari - Yakumo 02.09.13

23.Yakumo - Hakodate 03.09.13

24.Hakodate - Aomori 04.09.13

25.Aomori - Lake Towada 05.09.13

26.Lake Towada - Lake Tazawa 06.09.13

27.Lake Tazawa - Hanamaki 07.09.13

28.Hanamaki - Tsukidate 08.09.13

29.Tsukidate - Sendai 09.09.13

30.Sendai - Tone 10.09.13

31.Tone 11.09.13

32.Tone 12.09.13

33.Tone - Kurihama 13.09.13

34.Kurihama - Hakone 14.09.13

35.Hakone - Gotemba 15.09.13

36.Gotemba 16.09.13

37.Gotemba - Fujinomiya 17.09.13

38.Fujinomiya - Shizuoka (Kyoto) 18.09.13

39.Kyoto 19.09.13

40.Kyoto 20.09.13

41.Kyoto 21.09.13

42.Kyoto - Nara 22.09.13

43.Nara - Wakayama 23.09.13

44.Wakayama - Higashikagawa 24.09.13

45.Higashikagawa - Takamatsu 25.09.13

46.Takamatsu - Iya Valley 26.09.13

47.Iya Valley 27.09.13

48.Iya Valley - Imabari 28.09.13

49.Imabari - Onomichi 29.09.13

50.Onomichi - Hiroshima 30.09.13

51.Hiroshima 01.10.13

52.Hiroshima - Takayama (tog) 02.10.13

53.Takayama 03.10.13

54.Takayama - Matsumoto 04.10.13

55.Matsumoto - Hakuba 05.10.13

56.Hakuba - Nagano 06.10.13

57.Nagano - Tone 07.10.13

58.Tone 08.10.13

59.Tone - Narita 09.10.13

60. Narita - CPH 10.10.13


Letter 59


Wednesday 09.10.13   64,86 km


It's time for goobyes. Today I'll go to Narita to be as close to the airport as possible, before I fly back tomorrow.

There has been a new typhoon coming up, and it threatened to stop me from leaving. But yesterday it had moved quicker as expected, but no doubt with rain and wind in its tail. But the latest is, that it takes a route west of Japan and therefore only gives rain on the western coasts. So the wheather should be fine today.

But back to the goodbyes. It seems a little like a paradox, but it's THEM that thanks ME for having been a guest in their home, and that is some way typical japanese. But where all the thanks seems exaggerated in shops and at road constructions, it doesn't seem unnatural here. I on my side thank them for having given me a home while I've been in Japan, for that's how I've felt it.

But duty calls and first Nori and then his mother leaves to go working, while I stay with father. I upload some letters and pack and 11.30 I wave goodbye for the last time and head for Narita. I don't get the rain from the typhoon, but the wind... It almost blows me off the road several times on the first part. Mostly headwind. It's very unpleasant on the narrow road on the other side of the  river. On some bridges I have to stop and wait for the line of cars to pass, but later a sidewalk starts, and I use it even it's very poor. For long straight parts there's suddenly tail wind.

I get to Narita and find the station, T.I. and at last my hostel, which I booked yesterday. Then I go to check the road to the airport. It's 6 km on Route 295. When I said I was on bicycle, the lady in the T.I. ment it would be best to take the train. It
would certainly be easy, but then I'd have to carry both the bike and a big box.

I've bought two cardboard boxes which a smaller than the one I had when I came. Actually 20 cm shorter, but that was the biggest. I've left my matress, which I have given up... But it will be too small anyway, so I have to extend it in some way. I had to walk all the way from the home center because of the wind, it took an hour.

You get to the airport by Route 295, but when you get there... I ended by mistake at Terminal 2. To get to Terminal 1 from there was a nightmare. After having gone up on an esalator and passed through a parking house, I took a wrong road and ended up in tunnel after tunnel without sidewalk leading me nowhere. Had to wait a couple of minutes to cross the road and go back in the other lane.

Now I know that I should be able to check in from 8.10 in the South Wing on 4th floor at counter H. I have been test packing - the box is too small - and folded the cardboard so it should fit under the tent on the rear rack. I'm ready for the morning....