Day 41 Going home with the ferry



Route maps etc.

01.07 Kűge - Ćrhus

02.07 Ćrhus - Dokkedal

03.07 Dokkedal - Tornby

04.07 Fűrste dag pć færgen

05.07 Anden dag pć færgen

06.07 Seyđisfjörđur - Egilsstađir

07.07 Egilsstađir - Ađalsbol

08.07 Ađalsbol - Möđrudalur

09.07 Möđrudalur - Myvatn

10.07 Myvatn

11.07 Myvatn

12.07 Myvatn - Gođafoss

13.07 Gođafoss - Akureyri

14.07 Akureyri

15.07 Akureyri - Varmahliđ

16.07 Varmahliđ

17.07 Varmahliđ - Blönduos

18.07 Blönduos - Sæberg

19.07 Sæberg - Buđardalur

20.07 Buđardalur - Stykkisholmur

21.07 Stykkisholmur - Arnastapi

22.07 Arnarstapi - Eldborg

23.07 Eldborg - Borganes

24.07 Borgarnes - Reykjavik

25.07 Reykjavik

26.07 Reykjavik - Laugarvatn

27.07 Laugarvatn - Arnes

28.07 Arnes - Seljalandsfoss

29.07 Seljalandsfoss - Vik

30.07 Vik - Kirkjubæjarklaustur

31.07 Kirkjubæjarklaustur - Svinafell

01.08 Svinafell - Vagnsstađir

02.08 Vagnsstađir - Höfn

03.08 Höfn - Djupivogur

04.08 Djupivogur - Breiđdalsvik

05.08 Breiđdalsvik - Reydarfjörđur

06.08 Reydarfjörđur - Egilsstađir

07.08 Egilsstađir

08.08 Egilsstađir - Seyđisfjörđur

09.08 Seyđisfjörđur

10.08 Going home with the ferry





The trouble is hereby revealed - doesn't look much



The sun should have been on here at 7, but the weather controls noboby, not even Vedur. It has a life of its own. Now it has decided to rain - and then it rains.

So it's a completely soaked tent I pack up for the last time.

There is no time after I have received the boarding card, I will go on board first with the motorcyclists.

But they accept Icelandic banknotes on the ferry, so I have got me a cappuccino for a one thousand kr. Note and money back in Danish, which can be used. This time I have the honor of being the only cyclist.


One of the biggest challenges: downhill on gravel with only front brake


I have dragged a book all the way. The intention was to read it along the way, but I have not had nthe energy to get started. Not until yesterday, when I had laid the roads and the land behind me, could I begin: The Angels Song by Jon Kalman Stefansson. More Icelandic will not be. The books (I have read the first) are about how the small people fight against the vast Icelandic nature. Just as I've been fighting for the last 5 weeks, not to overcome, but to survive. Adapt and survive. You never overcome Iceland.


The total distance was 2476,68 km including 3 days in Denmark.